About Us

Gentlemen from all over the world. We are a team of proud Ilocano licensed real estate brokers of DMCI Homes and members of Philippine Association of Real Estate Brokers who set excellence in delivering services to our clientele through a professionalized network of agents and personalized technical assistance with equipped, versatile and talented personnel aiming to provide the utmost services that no other can offer:

We are guided by ethical standards, justness, and sincerity. We transact with impartiality among our clients regardless of the monetary endowment. We believe in profit with honor and are committed to good governance and the highest moral ideals.

We are highly motivated individuals who work diligently and proactively, prioritizing the welfare and long-term benefits of our clients.

With trust and respect for each other, as a team, we are united with purpose, converging our principles toward a shared vision and holistic aspiration.

Our team earnestly believes in the fundamentals that “people come first” and our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.

We are diversified by our roots, traditional principles yet we are joined together by revering on the core values of HOPE (Honesty, Optimism, Passion, and Excellence) as we prioritize the interest and welfare of our clients at all cost.