A Glimpse Of DMCI Homes Torre De Manila

Welcome to DMCI Homes Torre De Manila at Taft Avenue, Ermita Manila located on the eastern shore of Manila Bay. DMCI Homes Torre De Manila is an Art-Deco inspired residential building located in the heart of Manila. It is a vertical community within the city. Torre De Manila has the most dramatic views imaginable. The building is still under construction opening to residents in January 2020 and today we’ll tour you one of the completed units.

DMCI Homes Torre De Manila

Here’s a sneak peek of the finished penthouse Torre De Manila condo unit. Welcome to Penthouse 12 which is listed at P10,436,000.00. This is a three-bedroom, two bathroom 80sqm. corner condo unit.

Torre De Manila 3 Bedroom Unit

Feels like a home it doesn’t feel like intimidating when you first walk in like you normally see those massive intimidating places- this feels a little bit more light. This is reasonable and attainable and you could see yourself actually like hanging out.

Torre De Manila 3 Bedroom Living Area

Torre De Manila 3 Bedroom Master Bedroom

Torre De Manila 3 Bedroom 2 Bedroom

The rare thing about Torre De Manila is you have beautiful views of pretty much the entire city. Look at the window here you have East facing exposure you can see all the way up to Antipolo mountains. The views here are incredible.

Torre De Manila Antipolo Mountain Views

From the sky deck a view of Manila Bay…

Torre De Manila Manila Bay View

…and some of the amenities and facilities…

Torre De Manila Pool Area

Torre De Manila Lounge Area

Torre De Manila View Deck

Torre De Manila Porte Cochere

Torre De Manila Sky Lounge

Torre De Manila Basketball Court

Torre De Manila Fitness Gym


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